The ULTIMATE Self Care Date

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. And the most difficult part is that no matter what our feelings are toward the holiday, we CANNOT ESCAPE IT. Valentine’s Day is one of the most depressing of the year for some folks. And even though I am currently taken, I spent 22 years single for the holiday, so I know exactly how everyone feels. So, I have made the ULTIMATE SELF CARE DATE. And while I created this in mind to combat Valentine’s Day, it can certainly be used any time and any where.

Keep in mind that this date does not have to be followed ‘to a T.’ You are more than welcome to make adjustments, switch up the routine, or even add your own flare. Remember, it is YOUR SELF CARE DATE. YOU get to decide what you do and don’t do. And YOU are the one that is meant to be happy and relaxed at the end of the day.

So…without further ado,

Wake Up Early

I know…I know. This sounds terrible. Why shouldn’t we be able to sleep in if it is OUR DAY? I get it, completely. But just think about it. When we wake up early, there is a kind of energy in the morning that forces us to wake up and start the day. Oddly, there is a sense of relaxation, watching the sun rise or listening to the morning birds chirp. Life…is truly a sign of the morning. Everything rises. So rise with it. Even if you lie in bed with your windows open. Wake up and see what happens.

Buy/Make Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So make sure it’s a delicious one. Heavy or light. It’s completely up to you. Fruit is always delicious. But bacon and eggs has a hearty feel to it. Have some coffee since you woke up early. Or tea if that’s your thing. Protein shakes work. Honestly, whatever floats your boat. Cook, or buy, the breakfast that will make you happy. Eat it slowly. Enjoy every bite. Feel your belly fill up with deliciousness. I would personally hit Starbucks up and sit outside. But I am a Starbucks addict, so there’s that.

Spend Time in Nature

I know what you’re thinking. What even? But I promise that one of the most relaxing environments is nature. I’m not saying you need to go for a hike or something strenuous. But go for a walk, or just spend some time in your backyard…or even a park. Let the air hit you. Breathe it in. Take yourself out of the house, and just appreciate the life that surrounds is. Listen to some soft music if you prefer, or write in a journal. Just spend some time outside and contemplate what you feel is necessary.

Pamper, Pamper, Pamper

This can mean whatever you want it to. For me, I love painting my nails. It’s relaxing, it’s something to focus on, and I can have music or the T.V. in the background. I can be as creative ar simple as I want. But you can choose to pamper yourself in any way you wish. Get a massage or a facial. Or have your nails done professionally. Get a haircut, maybe do some retail therapy. Tailor your pampering to something that you will truly enjoy.


Kind of late in the game, I know. But I personally like to shower after I do my nails. You can really put this anywhere in the day. It is totally up to you. But whenever you shower, make sure it is a REALLY GOOD SHOWER. Weird to say? Maybe. But I don’t care, because I mean it. Take your time. Feel the hot water hit your neck and shoulders to relax you. Massage your scalp as you wash your hair. Shave even. Or just feel the heat of the shower. You can even bathe instead. Light some candles, listen to calming music in the background. It is all up to you.


It’s been a while, so eat some lunch. Whether you prepare it yourself or buy something good, be sure that it is something you want to eat. Something delicious and filling. Or delicious and light, whatever you prefer. If you prefer not to eat a whole mean, then a snack to keep your belly satisfied.

Wind Down

You’ve been active up until now. Going out, cooking, showering, all the good stuff. So now, it is time to wind down. Read in a comfortable chair, or even in bed. You can watch a cry movie, or something inspiring. Spend some time on Pinterest. Do some more journaling. Whatever activity will help you relax. Do it. Enjoy it. Take your time. And do this for as long as you see fit.

Take a Nap

THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PART OF THE DAY! I know, I know. If we had slept in, we wouldn’t have to nap. That is true enough. But something about falling asleep while the sun is up and waking up when it’s dark is oddly more rejuvenating than a full night’s sleep. At least in my opinion. So if you prefer not to nap, then by all means, do whatever is best for you. Watch another movie. Keep reading. I mean, truly, whatever you want. But I love to nap. Especially after a long shower and some reading to make my eyes droopy. It’s relaxing. And powerful. It can pick your spirits up, and prepare you for the night to some.


If you take long naps like I do, then you wake up hungry. And I mean, HUNGRY. So it’s time for dinner. And like the rest of the day, you can prepare your own or buy something delicious. There are pros to each. I do love to cook. I control what I eat and I love feeling a sense of accomplishment when the meal is done. At the same time, we all have our favorite restaurants. And purchasing our most loved meal can be just as rewarding. Whichever you choose, eat something hearty, filling, and that will make your soul happy.

Get Out of the House

Take a long drive, or walk. Listen to your music of choice. Sign it loudly. And I mean just let it rip. Sing the music that will let out any/all negative feelings or stress you may feel. This particular step is pretty simple, not much room for interpretation. You can skip it, or find something else to do. But we haven’t spone much up to this point, so we must get our voices moving. I don’t have a true explanation for why this is necessary. By that, I mean I can only speak from experience. And from experience, I can tell you this driving without a destination, and on my own, I sing out loud. And very often, this allows me the opportunity to let out feelings, all of them. Whatever they may be. So just try it.

Treat Yo self

And this is my second favorite part of the day. DESSERT. Who does not love dessert? If you don’t, no judgement, you can skip this part of treat yourself to something different. But for me, dessert is definitely the way to go. Chocolate heals so much. I know that’s a cliché, but it has done so much for me. And if you hate chocolate, any other treat will work. Ice cream, shakes, more Starbucks, fresh fruit, donuts, a smoothie. A treat. Yes, a treat to end your day with something you truly love. This too should make your soul happy.

The Last Moments

And now, to finish everything off. End the day with someone you love, or really, however you like. Call a best friend, or maybe you want to see some family. Or if you have a significant other, but wanted a day for yourself. Find someone you love. Romantic or not. And spend some time with them. You’re rejuvenated, rested, well-fed, and have given yourself the opportunity to contemplate life and relax. So find someone who can finish off that day with even more relaxation and a little bit of love.

And if you prefer to remain alone, then that works as well. But whatever you choose, finish the day off well. Meaning, just show yourself whatever love you feel is necessary. Have some more dessert. Watch another movie. Listen to some music and look out the window. Or head to bed early. End the day FOR YOU.

And there you have it.

An amazing blueprint to the ULTIMATE SELF CARE DATE. Like I said earlier. You can follow it to a T, or just use it as a guide. Or create your very own self care date. Whatever you choose, it is vital that the day is FOR YOU AND YOU ALONE. You must be the sole focus of the day.

Most importantly, do not regret an ‘unproductive day.’ Because I promise you that this was not unproductive. It was a day you needed. To replenish your soul and show yourself a little love. I know you need days like this. We all do. So never regret or feel bad about it.


I know this is a common saying we hear all the time. But it is true. That’s why people say it. We need days that are just about us, to prepare us for the rest of life. It sounds stupid and unnecessary. But I speak from personal experience.

And don’t act like me: refusing to give yourself any love. Then ending up in the hospital, in which you are forced to be with your own thoughts. Take charge and take care of yourself.

I promise it will be worth your while.

Enjoy, my loves! And let me know if you have any other suggestions for a self-care date!



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