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Today is #TimeToTalk Day, hosted by the innovative organization, Time To Change. If you have never heard of this organization, you need to get connected. They are an incredible company, spreading awareness about mental health, mental illness, and ending the stigma around it all. They go out into the community, workshopping in schools and workplaces, and spreading their message through social media. I am OBSESSED.

Unfortunately, I do not live in the UK (future goals, though). So, I am unable to attend their events, but I am signed up for their newsletters. And on top of that, I follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

If you want to check them out, go to their website here  or follow them on social media. I highly encourage it.

But back to the topic.

As I said, today is #TimeToTalk Day. It is a day in which we simply start a conversation with someone. Maybe we educate someone on mental illness in general, or even the one/s we suffer from. Or maybe we talk to someone who has been needing a friend lately. Regardless of the conversation, the point is we need to have one. Or even two or three.

In one of my previous posts, End the Stigma: Talk About It,’ I pose the question, ‘how can we expect society to change their views on mental illness if we don’t talk about it?’

I still stand by my answer.

We can’t.

It is simply impossible to fight the stigma society has on mental illness if we don’t talk about it. Ignorance will continue to grow and trump over us if we don’t do something to stop it. And as I said in that article, our first and most vital step is to TALK ABOUT IT.

Talk with your friends, your family, strangers on the street. Just spread the freakin’ word. Throw your shame out of the window.

I know it is more than difficult to do so, but we have to try. You can spread the word in any way that makes you comfortable.

I choose to write about and spread the word through this blog. I spent more than twenty years of my life ashamed of my story and what I struggled with.

But now that my story is out there, even though I am far from blog-famous, I feel so liberated. Maybe that jump was all I needed.

And maybe that jump is ALL YOU NEED.

But if you’re not ready to talk for yourself, do it for others. Do it for your friend who may be going through a difficult time. Or do it for your family member who is too frightened to use their own voice.

Honestly, you never know whose life you can change. Reach out to anyone and everyone. Reach out in ANY WAY you can. It is BEYOND worth it.

‘But, Brianne, how do we just randomly start a conversation? This isn’t table talk, you know.’

I know. But, Time To Change has put together a video to give you some ideas.

Check it out here!

So…get out there and do it. Start a conversation. Change a life. Talk about mental illness. End the Stigma.

YOU have the power. Yes, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. And YOU are the start of a new and enlightened society.

Let’s stand up and talk together. Let’s fight the ignorance one day at a time.

Today is the day. Today is #TimeToTalk



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