Protecting Our Worth From Trump

I don’t care what anyone says. Our new president does not care about women. At all. He may love their bodies. He may even love the control he has over the women he meets. But he doesn’t respect women. And he never will. We are pieces of meat, nothing but trophies he can brag about. So, how can we go on protecting our worth from Trump? I mean, I could go on and on about what I think of this man.

But what hurts me the most is that there are millions of people in our country, in our world even, who agree with him. Women are nothing to them. Common sex toys.

We aren’t beings of intelligence, of honor or respect. We could never think for ourselves, run a business on our own, or even create something worthwhile.

I call bulls**t, President Trump.

As someone who has survived sexual abuse, I say wholeheartedly that I could NEVER stand by a man who prefers to “grab women by the p***y.” For the life of me, I cannot fathom the idea that this kind of cynicism and sexism now resides in the white house.

But oddly, I’m not here to talk politics. I’m not saying this to spring up controversy, or discuss policies. And I don’t want someone to throw Hilary’s e-mails in my face.

At this point, this isn’t about any of that.

Right now, in this very moment, I am frightened. I am deathly afraid for our future daughters and granddaughters. I’m afraid for my sisters, my friends, my allies, and myself.

How can I trust a world that so willingly shuts women down, shuts the discriminated down? And how can I walk outside ever feeling truly safe again?

Beyond that, how can I expect to spread my message of love, self-worth and confidence to all women when I’m met with such disdain against them.

My biggest fear is that women will start to believe Trump. That we are truly nothing but trophies. I fear that women will continue on this downward spiral of self-hatred, of living our lives so dictated by the wants and desires of men who do not care about us. Of men who despise us and will never respect us, but will use us for our bodies.

I fear…that we are taking a giant leap backwards.

This man…this man will be the face of our country for the next four years. He will be the one with the answers. Our country has entrusted that vital role to him.

And whether you voted for him or not, we all must admit that our country cannot and will not be “great again” when our president is only concerned with a small percentage of his citizens, and not the entirety of his country.

I am beyond livid that this is our reality for four years. But I am also deliciously motivated to continue pursuing my passion for making a difference. Now, more than ever, I have this burning urge to empower women. To show them that they are worthy of love and respect, worthy of honor and loyalty. And most importantly, show them that it is not enough to just respect ourselves, but to respect ALL CREATION.

The hate of our world must not instigate more hate within us. We must not answer violence with violence, but instead rise above in all ways. We must RESPECT everyone…we must be better, do better.

So, in order to process the anger I feel, I’ve compiled a few helpful tips.

1. It’s only four years. Yes…that’s an incredibly long four years, that will surely pass slowly. Things will change, life will be scarier. But in the end, we will celebrate the moment and congratulate ourselves for making it through. After all, four years is the time we wait for a leap year, our high school or college years. Four years will be but a memory soon enough. We just have to take the time day by day.

2. He is one man. Just one man, with one voice. Yes, as I said earlier, there is a country full of people who agree with him. But there is also a country full of people who disagree with his opinions. And if we put our voices together, I truly believe that we can silence him. We can overpower him and make our voices known. He is one man. He can’t fight all of us if we stand together. We can’t lose sight of the fact that we fight for something bigger than just ourselves.

3. It’s just another day. Our sense of self worth doesn’t just fall over night. The fact that the inauguration is over does not mean we should just sit back and enjoy the ride for the next four years. And it  certainly does not mean that we have lost EVERYTHING that we have fought for up to this point. We must continue bettering ourselves, bettering our world. We cannot let this man take our voice with one swift motion. Tomorrow, I will wake up, still pushing forward in my self-worth and self-love journey. I will wake up with the same desire to make a difference. It’s just another day.

4. My self worth is not dictated by the opinions of others. That is something I preach every day. My worth is not dictated by my abuser, by bullies, by those who would see me fail. So our president is no different. His thoughts and opinions of women should have no effect on the way I feel about myself. Yes, I am offended. Yes, I am hurt, and yes, I am afraid. But this does not change how much I love myself, or how worthy I am of love and respect. He gets no say.

5. Just wait for it. If you look hard enough, you can see the anger that this country feels. You can see the utter disappointment. But most importantly, you can see our voices rising higher. He may have won the election, but you best believe that we CAN and WILL make his life a living hell. Take the ‘Women’s March,’ for example. If it is any indication, we CANNOT be silenced. While I wish with all my heart that I could’ve joined in this historic march, i take comfort knowing that I am not alone. Knowing that I am on the same page with millions of people. And knowing that the power of our voice is much stronger than the voices of those in power.

6. Don’t stop. Don’t let your power and passion fade. Please do not participate in a couple protests, then forget what we are fighting for. And please do not lose sight of the fact that we are not alone, and that we are called to stand together and make a difference. For ourselves, for our future, and for the women throughout history who dedicated their lives to give us the opportunity to use our voices. 

Ultimately, we will rise above,

And stand with all who Trump plans to silence: Muslim, Black, Native American, LGBTQ, Women, Immigrants, and anyone else who feels diminished by his presidency.

We will stand strong, stand united, and most importantly, never forget our worth.



Woman of Steel


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