How I Quit My Job…Twice

Let me tell you a story of how I quit my job…twice. I just did. Just like that. Why, you may ask. It was bad for my health. Plain and simple. The environment was toxic and those in charge refused to see that. So after years of stress, tears, and exhaustion, I finally left. Putting Read More

End The Stigma

End The Stigma: Talk About It

This title…this title says it all. But let me explain. To end the stigma against mental illness, we need to talk about it. In an earlier article, How to Explain PTSD, I spoke about the stigma society places on mental disorders, specifically PTSD. These stigmas have made it VERY difficult for us to rely on people, Read More

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How to Communicate with Others Suffering From Mental Disorders

What does this mean? Communicate with others suffering from mental disorders? Why do we need to talk about this? We have all been there. We all know how difficult it is to communicate with other people in general, to voice what we are feeling or thinking. Most of the time, it is because we don’t Read More

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Heal Mental Illness with an ART

Heal Mental Illness with an Art? Stop, Brianne. Have you ever sat in your room alone, watching creativity flow through the rest of the world, and think to yourself, ‘I wish I were artistic.’? Yeah…me too. I see all those cooking videos on Facebook, or a DIY craft that one of my best friends makes, Read More

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How to Explain PTSD

I have PTSD. A pretty complex mental illness, if you ask me…not like I’m biased or anything **insert laughter at my own stupid joke.** One of my biggest struggles? Figuring out how to explain PTSD. PTSD is the acronym for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, an anxiety disorder. I am going to start this article by explaining Read More

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If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you may have noticed that I sign each one with the hashtag #KnowYourWorth. This is my self-made platform. I started using it last year when I was ranting to a group of students about how damaging bullying can be. Standing before my students, I was explaining that Read More

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Living with PTSD: My Story

Well, hello there. Welcome to my blog: Woman of Steel. I am a Mental Illness Warrior, living with PTSD. This blog will be a place for me to spread awareness about Mental Illness, specifically Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and offer a weekly read on what life is like living with it. That being said, please Read More