How I Quit My Job…Twice

Let me tell you a story of how I quit my job…twice.

I just did. Just like that. Why, you may ask.

It was bad for my health. Plain and simple. The environment was toxic and those in charge refused to see that. So after years of stress, tears, and exhaustion, I finally left. Putting myself first. I said goodbye to the students I loved dearly, my heart breaking as we cried together. But I just couldn’t teach anymore. Not in an environment that cared more about the ‘look’ of our school, rather than the students we were meant to foster. I had enough.

So…I found an opportunity at a new company working with special need children. And i jumped on that bandwagon so quickly.

But…it hasn’t worked out. The promise of enough hours and pay to live off of is not being met. Jumping to the end, here I am doing it again…quitting. Quitting for my health, for my needs…dong what is right for who I am and my situation.

Only this time…I have no prospect of a new job. I mean, I’ve signed up to be a Lyft driver. While I’m excited about that, it’s also not a reliable 9-5 type of job. Maybe that’s why I’m excited about it.

Regardless…I have no ‘real job’ lined up.

Go me.

And as of right now, I have two distinct emotions. Two distinct feelings.

1: I am scared sh**less And that’s an understatement. For the first time in years, I have no set path. No set direction. No routine or schedule. Not even an inkling. And don’t even get me started on my complete lack of financial stability. It is, without a doubt, my #1 stress.

HOWEVER…these are the exact same reasons for my other emotion.

2: I am free. I’ve been suffocated by these stresses and worries for as long as I can remember. And beyond that, I’ve felt horribly stuck…with no signs of movement. And now, for the first time in who knows how long, I’m free. I’m free to live. To make choices based on what I WANT…what I NEED. I’m free to make mistakes and learn. I can allow myself just a little more breathing room.

Don’t get me wrong. I am FULLY AWARE that this is going to be a huge struggle. I know for a fact that I am going to have a period of regret, of self doubt, and even more moments of feeling utterly lost.


I will also have moments of pure joy, immense relaxation, and maybe…just maybe…more laughter. I need that.

Now, I’m not saying everyone needs to quit their jobs right now. I’m not saying that at all. What I AM saying is that sometimes, taking a leap of pure faith can be absolutely rewarding. Especially if you’re attempting to balance yourself on a landslide, AKA attempting to stay afloat during awful situations. I am also saying that if something is not good for you: an environment, relationship, hobby, anything…leave it. Leave it now.

Yes I know, easier said than done.

But when done…totally worth it. I promise.

It’s been 1 month since I left my teaching job. And I can remember physically breathing easier. Since, my spirits have lifted. I’m laughing more. Smiling more. Writing more. My health is improving…which is the most important thing.

And my more recent job…I quit two days ago. Oops. Could be why I’m in the midst of feeling scared sh**less. But it could also be why I feel so free.

If you’re at all thinking about leaving your job, here’s what you should consider:

1- Why do you want to leave?

2- Do you have something lined up?

3- If not, do you at least have a plan?

4- And if not, are you prepared to be lost for a while?

5- Is leaving worth it?

6- Do you have a support system?

Answers will be different for everyone. No matter what. Only YOU can decide if the move is right for you.

If you’re like me, others’ opinions matter to you greatly. Most of the time, it’s incredibly difficult for me to make a decision if my parents don’t fully agree with me. Not because they are controlling me. But because we have a relationship built on love and mutual respect. And because they are incredibly protective.

But like I said, YOU are really the only person who can make YOUR decision.

So here are my answers for the above questions. For the sake of this post, I’ll refer to my teaching job. This was the more grueling decision.

1. I wanted to leave because my health was on a downward spiral. I sacrificed everything for my school: my time, my health, even my dreams to an extent. Every minute of every day was spent worrying about my job. I was planning the next day, the next week, worried about my students, upset at administration about something or other. I worked endlessly to give my students the education they deserved. My mind was 100% preoccupied. And this past year, it finally hit me hard. I was unhappy. I was lost. Most importantly, I was unhealthy…physically and mentally. I needed to leave. Absolutely had to.

2. I spent a couple weeks hardcore searching and searching for a new job. Preparing myself for pay cuts. Prepared for anything, really. I knew that I couldn’t quit until I found another job. And I couldn’t find the strength to force myself through much longer. It was imperative that I find something. Finally, I found an opportunity working with special needs children. I liked the company, the environment, the people. It seemed almost perfect. And again, most importantly, it took me out of the environment I so desperately needed to escape. When I received my offer of employment, I immediately wrote my resignation letter and that was that.

3. I had the plan. I had to find something. Anything. And when I did. I resigned quickly.

4. Because I had a plan, I was more than prepared for a transition period. I knew I would have a few weeks of dipping into savings and having no money in order to catch myself up. I knew I would struggle entering a new environment and readjusting to a whole new schedule. More than anything, I was prepared for a change.

5. At that point, I couldn’t think of anything but leaving. I wanted to breathe again. To live, enjoy friends, laugh. I absolutely needed to. And when I finally walked out of that school for the last time, I could feel myself physically breathe easier. Tension left my face. Every exhale pushed away stress and exhaustion. I felt rejuvenated. TOTALLY WORTH IT

6. I have more than a support system: I have the best loving family, friend group and boyfriend a girl could ask for. They supported me without question and gave the love that provided the extra boost I needed to make my final decision. Beyond supported.

I realize that I had a very ideal situation that allowed me the freedom and security to leave my established career and stability. I don’t really have that this second time around. But, either way, the real focus here was my mental health. It was suffering more than I could ever put into words. And THAT is why I needed to leave.

This is how I quit my job…twice. And if you are in a similar position, remember that YOU are the most important factor. If YOU need to move on, to find something else, to quit…do it now. Yes, you will struggle. And yes, life may be difficult for a period of time. But you are surviving your illness, you can survive anything. Put yourself first, and you can also feel FREE. Know Your Worth: Know that you are worthy of love, happiness, and respect. you are worthy of putting yourself first.

Let me know if this helps in your search for a better life. Have any other suggestions for how to quit a job?? Let me know!



Woman of Steel

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5 thoughts on “How I Quit My Job…Twice

  1. So I just recently heard about another driving service where it is just women only. Women drivers and women passengers. I don’t know how far along the process is at but, it might be something to look into also!

  2. Brianne=WOMAN OF STEEL Proud of you for making your health be first. I have a granddaughter in exactly the same place for the very same reasons. She also has a very strong support group in her family and boyfriend. She has been picking up nanny jobs for now. She is not panicking, but looking around this time for the right employment. The one where when you wake up in the morning you cant wait to start the day getting to that job that fills you up and challenges you. Be strong. Don’t ever settle ….. Hugs Rosemary

  3. You are amazing! Putting everything out there is so scary, and you do it beautifully.

    I have been struggling with this exact situation myself. I’m at the point of just quitting without any real plan(though I do have money saved) and it both scares me to death and thrills me. I’m really glad that someon else has done this and so far has succeeded. You go girl!

    1. Thank you so much, Krissie. I am so happy that you can take from my experiences. I urge you to do what is best for you. It will be hard, but it’s so empowering at the same time. Good luck!!

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