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I have started a new fitness journey. Yes…I am now a Fitness Coach with BeachBody…the company that created P90X and Insanity. And I am so excited to start on this journey and share it with you all. Share my Fitness and Mental Health journey, share my discoveries, my ups and downs. But first, you may have a couple questions…so I have explained everything below.

If you’re interested in BeachBody, I would love to coach you.

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About My Fitness and Health

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have always been a bigger girl. I’ve always been heavy, but I have always carried my weight fairly well. In high school, i would try diet after diet, go hard on exercise regimens…I mean, everything. Name it, I have tried it. In college, I definitely gained the ‘Freshman 15’…plus some…and then some more. But as I mentioned in my first post, Living with PTSD: My Story, my college years were definitely a struggle. My episode was never truly dealt with. And in that time, while attempting to take care of myself without ANY help, I focused more in building self-confidence.

For me, that meant body positivity. Big was beautiful. Fat was beautiful. Size did not matter. And I continued on that journey after college, in which time I made it to my heaviest weight: 317 pounds. I was so unhealthy and so unhappy. And definitely entering the most difficult period of mental and emotional instability.

Now, keep in mind that I am not saying I no longer agree with my previous statements: big is beautiful, etc. I still completely and wholeheartedly agree with body positivity. Body shaming is disgusting, no matter your size. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. And this need to be “cookie-cutter beautiful” appalls me to this day. So when I talk about losing weight, I don’t mean that all people who are bigger in size should. I am not saying that I don’t think I am beautiful in this heavier state. And I am not saying that I am ugly or that I want to be skinny. But I am saying I want to be healthy.

So, in my heaviest state, I made a decison. I decided to get the gastric bypass surgery. And so many factors led me to this.

  1. Yes, I was at my heaviest weight. I could feel myself become physically slower, tired, worn down, and just plain unhappy. Not to mention the fact that my mental stability was sea-sawing at best. I needed to figure something out.
  2. I had incredibly high blood pressure. Headaches every single day. My doctor was more than worried.
  3. I was on the verge of diabetes. My numbers were close. And after a lifetime of watching my own father struggle with diabetes, I knew I needed to change something.
  4. I want to have kids. This may seem like a strange reason, but it’s so important to me. I knew that if I continued on the path I was on, I wouldn’t be able to be a mom. I was already taking birth control just to regulate my menstrual cycles. Not to mention the fact that at that weight, or heavier, I would have such a difficult time taking care of a child the way they deserved.
  5. I want to live a long life. That’s right, I want to watch my children become successful adults. And I want to meet a couple grand-kids, maybe even a great grand-kid. I wanted to grow old with the love of my life. Cliche? Yes. Still my goal? Yes.

I got the surgery. It went really well. I lost 80 pounds in just 7 months.

But then, I slowed down. Unfortunately, I started eating more than I should have, eating unhealthy foods. I just didn’t keep it up. Thank God, I have not gained any weight, which is a miracle, but I can feel myself entering back into that unhealthy lifestyle. And it needs to stop.

I need to make a change, and lifestyle change. And I need to make it now before it is too late.

So i have signed up to be a Fitness Coach with BeachBody. I am thrilled, nervous, and everything in between. But the thing I am most excited about is my venture into how fitness and exercise may effect my mental health. I see people write about how physical exercise can help normalize hormones, even how yoga can help with anxiety. So I am so curious about how I can improve my mental health with better physical health.

This will just be another element adding to how I live with PTSD. And yes, I am going to share everything with you. On top of my regular Monday posts, I will be doing Fitness articles every Friday. I hope you enjoy!

And if you’re interested in looking at some of our programs and products, don’t be afraid to Contact Me.


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