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Meet Woman of Steel!


A little bit ABOUT ME: My name is Brianne Lopez. I’m 25, quirky, sassy, classy, and creative, with an affinity for laughing. Currently, I work with special needs children, but am an aspiring Film Actress, Screenwriter and Director. I’m the oldest of 4 children, not including the three amazing young women my family has taken in. I graduated college with a BA in Theater Arts, and hope to go back to school soon to receive more in depth training. I have an incredible boyfriend of 2 and a half years. He just gets me. I love to watch movies, play games, sleep, travel (if I have the money), hang out with friends and laugh as much as possible.

AND…I live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, most commonly known as PTSD.

This has made me an advocate for mental illness in our society. It is REAL!!! I believe in love, true friendship, living life to the fullest, and kindness. I stand on my self-made platform: #KnowYourWorth. Every human being is deserving of love, respect, and kindness. If everyone in this world knew their worth, they wouldn’t feel the need to take others’ worth away. #KnowYourWorth

I’m starting this blog in order to share my experiences as a PTSD warrior, while also spreading awareness about mental health. Let’s END THE STIGMA together.

Why Woman of Steel?

A couple reasons. One, I am the type of person who is always insistent on being ‘strong.’ I need to be ruthless and impenetrable. I give off a vibe that lets people know I can’t be beaten down. It’s not necessarily true. I have my vulnerabilities. But I wake up every day to fight the fight against my illness. This means that even on my worst days, I am still strong.

My second reason is personal. My late brother, Garrett, was diagnosed with leukemia and lost his battle after six years. In that time, his nickname was Lil’ Superman. Superman…also referred to as ‘Man of Steel.’ Get it?? He refused to let his illness bring him down, and he fought to the very last breath. I’m his older sister, so I can only hope that I have the same kind of strength.

For a more in depth description of my story, you can refer to my first blog post: Living with PTSD: My Story.

And to help pthers sleep or calm their anxiety, I have a YouTube Channel, doing ASMR Videos. Check it out here!

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